I started recording my first album in 1999 after I graduated from audio engineering school. In 2000 I released my debut album and since then four albums followed. The sixth album is just weeks away from being released. Links to all the albums are below. Please visit my online MUSIC STORE to preview, purchase and download tracks. I am still working on making the Kaweh music store non-flash. Bare with me. Thanks for your support!

Moving on with the times! CDs are on their way out and since absolutely most music ends up on our phones or mp3 players, I changed the way I distribute music by switching on an online Music Store where people can download my music at a lower price.

KAWEH Music Store

Fiesta Carmel   2016 Release

San Francisco Bay Area Premier DJ Kaweh House Music "Fiesta Carmel is my eighth full length release. This album goes back to Flamenco Rumba Salsa influences. With the help of several guest artists, this is my best release yet. This album is made up of 15 tracks. I sing one track in English while Salif Malima Kone sings another track in honor of his brother and our dear friend Mamadou Knone who passed away. James Robinson takes the lead melody on "Yallah" while Faisal Nimri brings in the Oud on "Dametra" and "Fiesta Carmel". Other guest influences include percussionist Zaid Nimri, Pianist Alex Specht & Alex Conde, Pacifc Grove's celist Michael Blackburn and Carmel's Bashar Sneeh. Total time is 50 minutes.


Waiting On The Train

San Francisco Bay Area Premier DJ Kaweh House Music "Waiting On The Train" is my seventh album and it starts a whole new genre of music. Spanish guitar and Latin influnces can be heard on "Remember Me" while diverse sound effects and sound design influnces from past education can be heard throughout the album. More tracks are still being added to this album. This is a work in progress until at least 15 tracks are produced. Click the album image to sample and purchase tracks.


Aromas Sessions

Kaweh Aromas Sessions 2013 Release. Aromas Sessions is the long awaited singer/songwriter album with songs dating back as early as 1995. This album is in the Folk/Jazz acoustic genre with vocals in English. All Songs were recorded in Aromas, Ca. This album is all about love, relationships and all their intricacies including breaking up and coping with loss. Other songs focus on culture shock and survival of intense dramatic life altering situations. This album is roughly 1hr & 15 minutes in length. Release date: February 12, 2013.


Live In San Francisco

Kaweh Live In San Francisco Flamenco Rumba Salsa Spanish Guitairst Live In San Francisco is my fifth album (2008) released originally as a CD/DVD combo set. Recorded live in HD by Creation Ground Media at the Great American Music Hall with guest musicians from Uruguay, Israel, Cuba, Mexico and it featured belly dancer Sandra on three songs. Click the album image to sample and purchase tracks.



Kaweh Spanish Gutiar Espana España album Flamenco Rumba España is my fourth release (2006). This album focuses more on traditional Flamenco techniques such as rasceado, picato, golpe and palmas. España mixes Flamenco Rumba with Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences and it includes one Classical piece as well. Upbeat, romantic, uplifting and easy listening instrumental. Click the album image to sample and purchase tracks.


Long Ago

Kaweh Long Ago Brazilian, Latin, Spanish Guitar Long Ago is my third release (2005). This album mixes Spanish guitar with Latin and Brazilian influences. Romantic instrumentals, uplifting and easy listening. Click the album image to sample and purchase tracks.


Play Spanish

Kaweh Flamenco Rumba Salsa San Francisco Bay Area Play Spanish Album Play Spanish is my second album and first in the Spanish guitar genre. This album mixes Spanish guitar, Flamenco Rumba with Latin, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences. Easy listening, romantic, uplifting and all instrumental. Click the album image to sample and purchase tracks.



Kaweh debut album Folk, funk, rock, vocal, 2000 Seven is my debut album released in 2000. Nearly one hour makes up this eclectic album mixing rock, jazz, folk, funk, Middle Eastern and fusion music. This album includes a 17.5 minute track originally written for a 15 minute chair massage. All original compositions. Click the album image to sample and purchase tracks.