Remote Controlled Porta Potty

Welcome! This site is dedicated to the one and only remote controlled porta potty in the world and "Camp Porta Party".

Thanks to the lovely folks at United who take care of all the you know what on the playa and a few you tube videos, I was able to put together this project! Our camp is called Camp Porta Party. This is the potty's first year to Burning Man. We are excited and we could use a little help! The project is not completely finished and we ran out of funds.


Here is a short video of a first test drive. Also check out first horn test, night lights and Bubbles. I'll update this site more as things progress. We might even start a fund raising site. If you'd like to donate something to our cause and help the porta potty to migrate to the playa, thank you and click below. You don't have to have a paypal account. Simply click "continue" on the left.

Camp Porta Party News

We obtained early entry passes!!! Go Team!
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Thank You

This list is being updated but for now a few props and thanks to a few people who made this all possible: First off United for donating the rig, Annette for the space to fabricate in, Jesse and Jose at Happy Vans in San Jose, JaJa of Blue Peace Drummers for lending me the welding gear, Alex Specht for helping out with the grounding, Burning Man's DMV for accepting this most unusual mutant vehicle and for the early entry passes to rig it up, the friendly peeps at Home Depot in Seaside, Ca and the remote controlled lawn mower community on the web who I took ideas from to rig my idea up!! Also a big ThANKS to Alex Ressler for helping me with putting this portion of the site together!! And to Manny at HornBlasters for LOUD horns! Go Team!!!